Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Scott and I were blessed to be able to go to Hilton Head this past weekend for a Strong Bonds marriage conference sponsored by the ARMY Reserves. It was great to get away with just him.

The 5 hour drive there and back was wonderful because we were able to chat and listen to the radio and just drive without having to stop every hour for someone to use the potty. We also reveled in the fact that we didn't have Dora singing away in the background!

We learned quite a bit in the sessions, but best of all was the free time we had. We enjoyed 2 wonderful date nights including seafood, Japanese food, and a long browse in a bookstore. I even got to do my running out on the beach Saturday afternoon!

Overall we had a fabulous time, and I think we'll try to make a habit of attending some kind of marriage retreat every couple of years. It is always a good idea to invest in the things that are most important!!

We came home Sunday evening to four silly, silly girls who might have missed us... just a little bit. Thanks Kay, Mimi, Donna, and Kelli for taking great care of them.

Our being away meant that instead of getting 12 hours of sleep at night, the girls only got 9 or 10 hours. So it took a couple of days after we returned to get them all caught back up. Monday they were in bed by 6:30 and didn't get up until close to 8am on Tuesday! To say they were worn out by their weekend of fun was an understatement, but things are about "normal" again here.... if you can call this normal!


danajk said...

that sounds like a great weekend! I am glad that y'all had that opportunity. It is nice to be MaryBeth and Scott every once in a while and not just Mommy and Daddy, huh?

Andrea said...

So happy that you got the chance to do this. You deserve it!!