Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pastries with the Parents

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a special little breakfast with Ella at her preschool. While I was getting ready I had my usual crew of commentators taking note of every single detail. First it was the earrings.... "ooh, mama, are you gonna wear THOSE earrings??" "They are the prettiest!" Then I selected a cute pair of heels, and I kid you not all 3 of my helpers literally squealed with delight! They are such girly girls!!

After school Ella and I spent the afternoon on a special date. We had lunch at her favorite spot, did some grocery shopping, and then came home and finished up Valentine's cards and iced our heart cakes for Youth tonight. It really was a wonderful day spent with one of my favorite people!


Ms. ~K said...

Love this photo of 2 pretty young ladies!

Stephanie said...

You look beautiful...and she looks just like you! :)