Friday, February 5, 2010

Expectant Laughter

In real life we know several families who are expecting babies. This leads to hilarious conversations and imaginary play around these parts.

For instance, several days ago Sarah shoved baby dolls up her shirt only to have Ella "deliver" them a few minutes later.... this went on for over 2 hours, baby after baby after baby.

Today the girls were all playing the expectant mama role when Maggie walked up and asked me to help her get her baby out. I reached up and grabbed her new baby calf. Later on it was a puppy. Maggie is clearly our animal lover of the group!

Sarah waddled down the hall this afternoon with 2 babies under her shirt. Two little sets of feet were poking out from under her shirt. When she became aware of this fact she looked over and said, "Goodness, my babies' feet are hanging out.... mama, did our feet hang out when we were still in your tummy??"

They each have a different number of babies that they are wishing for when they are old enough to have children of their own. Kate wants only one. I'm guessing because she loves to be the center of attention and being a good little mama wants to do her best to give her child that experience full time. Maggie wants to have 2 babies but I'm not clear as to why. Sarah says she wants 7 babies because she just knows we'll all want to have one of her babies to hold, and the ever sensible Ella says she wants "however many babies God wants me to have."

So that about covers the baby talk for now.


danajk said...

Jessa enjoys delivering babies, too! She has several and sometimes they are bears. Spencer is the doctor, the father, and whoever else she needs him to be. Don't you love their imaginations??
Fun post!

Mommato2miracles said...

So fun! I can't imagine what a house full of girls would be like. Sam directs Sophia to be a dinosaur, or a monster. The difference between little boys and girls :-)