Thursday, September 17, 2009


Tomorrow will be Maggie, Kate, and Sarah's second day of pweschool. They are pictured below last Friday as we were headed out for Ella's second day at CCP and their first day at Ms. Dena's. Ms. Dena, one of my lifelong friends, and her youngest son Brody are hosting "preschool" one day a week. This way Dena has a class to hold Brody's attention, and I have a preschool for the girls. So far, so good!

Incidentally, we celebrated back to school last Tuesday evening with peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate shakes for supper per Ella's request, and on Thursday with a home made cookie cake that Maggie, Kate, and Sarah got to help make and decorate. It was super easy... maybe I'll post the recipe sometime soon.

Maggie, Kate, and especially Sarah are thrilled to be going to school this year. We work together at home all the time on little preschool projects, but it really is important to them that they are going to preschool, so thank you Dena! One of my many prayers for our girls is that they love learning, and I think they are off to a great start! Aren't they a motley little crew?!?


danajk said...

They are all so precious. Such big girls going to school. . .

Stephanie said...

All grown up! How wonderful that they love learning so much. :)