Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Funnies from the Girls

Life is zooming along here. I wanted to post about all the random funny things the girls are picking up here at home and at preschool. Fair warning: It is completely random!


While the girls were piling on top of the pillows and each other on the couch the other night I overheard one of them say, "Hop on this elevator, it will take us to Africa.... I mean Florida." Another said, "Yeah, let's go!" Geography is obviously not a strong suit yet.


Sarah has quite the negotiation skills, and she's pretty good with fractions already too. On Friday when I got home from grocery shopping Ms. Faye relayed the following. She had tried her best to get Sarah to eat something, anything for lunch and ended up making her a peanut butter sandwich. Sarah wasn't really interested, but Ms. Faye pleaded for her to please just eat half of it. Sarah's response, "Well, how 'bout I just eat a quarter?"


Ella has learned to count by 2's...... "2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate?" Yes, they are all still cheering non-stop!


I have no idea where they learned this one, but they all frequently yell for me to go faster when I'm driving. They follow it up with, "Don't go so fast that the po-po's will get us." So what I want to know now is Who taught my 3 year olds the term po-po's for police??


SouthernGalsBoutique said...

Kids say the funniest things.. I'm loving the "po-pos" though!!!

danajk said...

Ah, such respect for law enforcement! They are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! It could have been Jeff or John. But most likely, it was KAY KAY!!!

Candace Hickey said...

These are should keep them in a little book and give each girl a copy when they get older!

Sab Mad said...

I love it when my kids say something and at first I laugh, then follow it up with 'who taught you that!'

Cathy said...

Precious! Don't worry, my two-year old granddaughter heard her daddy say it in passing one day and that's all she says now when she sees anything with sirens. I have tried and tried to break it, but it's just not happening!