Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just Gotta Dance

We had a "make-up" family movie night tonight because Scott and I had a date last night. The girls love family movie night and weren't about to let us miss it.

They picked a Strawberry Shortcake movie full of music for our feature. As it was nearing the end, while lying in her Daddy's arms on the couch, Ella looked over and said, "There's too much music... (long pause)... I've just gotta dance!"

All four of the girls watched the last 5 minutes of the movie shakin' their booties, and Scott and I giggled and watched them instead!

I guess we parents love family movie night too. Even though we had to watch Strawberry Shortcake and friends for part of the time, those last few minutes made it all worthwhile .


Mommato2miracles said...

Haven't commented in a while, but still LOVE the blog and the positive happiness you share. Your girls are awesome!! God bless!