Sunday, May 31, 2009

Son Rock Kids' Camp: Day 1

Tonight was our first night of Bible school. The girls had a great time.... I'll be exhausted by Wednesday night, but they are all having a ball!! Contrary to what the pictures show, Ella was there too, but she went with the "big" kids, while I stayed with the 'Lil Buddies group.

All the way home from the campground, a full 30 minutes after their usual bedtime, my sweaty, dirty, crew chanted.... Who Are We?... SON ROCK KIDS!! Who Are We? ... SON ROCK KIDS!!


Sab Mad said...

I love how your little campers came to camp with the cutest dresses!
Our church is doing Son Rock in July - I'm teaching 2nd grade...yikes!

Kim said...

I hate we're missing it, but it looks like fun!