Friday, May 8, 2009

Haircuts and Other Hilarity

Several days ago we spent the late afternoon and early evening hanging out at Mimi and Pop's house. As is usually the case, the girls spent all but the time following their "five minutes until we're leaving" warning swarming around Mimi and I asking questions, asking for help, and asking to help cook supper. So when it was almost time to go and they begged to go upstairs to their playroom (finally) I was extremely relieved at the prospect of 5 minutes without any questions. They headed up and for the next 10 minutes played happily while Mimi and I chatted and caught up with one another.

The pleasantness and fun was over when Ella came down holding a pair of scissors and some strands of hair. I immediately ran for the stairs and entered the playroom to find Kate and Sarah happily cutting away at each other's seemed as if there was hair everywhere. Apparently everyone had a hand in both the cutting and in being trimmed.

Oh, there was lots of ranting and raving on my part, but amazingly after I confiscated all the scissors and settled down I discovered that I couldn't even tell where Ella and Maggie's hair had been cut. Kate and Sarah were not so lucky, but I don't have any pictures of my little Rascals yet.

While I was complaining about the goofy hair to Kate this afternoon she declared, "I'll just go brush it out. Then it looks bootiful." When I told her that SHE was, in fact, still beautiful, just her hair wasn't looking too cute anymore, she said, "But mommy, I like it that way!"


As I've been typing the above post, Ella has been waiting none too patiently for me to get some nail polish for her. She just looked up and said, "Mom, please hurry, I'm about to loose my patience!"


Every time Sarah gets into trouble and has to be disciplined these days, no matter what the punishment, whenever it is over she always looks directly at me and in her sweetest voice says, "Fanks..." (thanks)


Several days ago Ella was painting her toe nails while the girls were napping (noticing a theme here?) and she looked up and said, "Mom, regarding those ladies at the toe salon... why do they speak a different language than us?" Never mind that until today it had been months and months since she's even been in a nail salon.... kids really do notice everything, don't they?!?


Denise Wheeler said...

Oh my! Caitlin cut her own hair at about the age of 3. I tried everything and in the end had to shave her head. It was aweful. It was about this time of year too. So, everytime we went to the pool during the summer(or anywhere really) people would come and start talking to me. Eventually they all asked the same question, "what's wrong with her?" She really did look like a little girl on chemo. I was so embarrassed and usually made her wear a nice big floppy hat until it grew out. Hopefully your girls hair isn't quite that bad.

Andrea said...

These are the stories you and your girls will laugh about forever when they are older! Yes, it's funny what kids notice and truly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder to kids! When my cousin was going through chemo a few years ago and lost her hair, her three year old daughter cut off all her her so she could be "pretty like Mommy."

Stephanie said...

The things kids say! :)

Isn't it amazing how much they pick up on? So often, I hear our 2-year-old daughter say things with the *exact* pitch and inflection as my husband or me...and I think "oh my! we need to be extra careful..."

Being a parent definitely makes me a better person.