Saturday, April 25, 2009

Road Trip

The girls and I returned home this afternoon from our first ever road trip with just the 5 of us. We had an incredibly fun time visiting our friends in Chattanooga for the last two nights, made the several hours drive both ways just fine on our own, and I gained a little bit of confidence in my ability to travel with the girls as a result.

I'm made more aware with every passing day that the girls are growing up right before my eyes. Of course, there is still plenty of whining, fussing, crying, and playing baby, but for the most part I am now the mother of four little ladies who make pretty good traveling companions... as long as the DVD player is working.

Our friends, both big and little, were wonderful hosts, and I don't think Maggie, Kate, Sarah, or Ella has ever had as much fun (or tried on as many different outfits) in any one 36 hour period before!!

The girls were already low on sleep from our travels, and then we spent the entire afternoon playing in the sunshine and down by the creek here at home. They were all in bed by 6 and and asleep before 6:15 pm!

Thank you Heather and Todd for a wonderful visit. I hope that Campbell and Luke had as much fun and were as tuckered out tonight as M, K, S, and E!


Andrea said...

Way to go! You always inspire me to try new things with your post. Cute picture of all the kiddos lined up, too.

Denise Wheeler said...

Yay!! Glad you were able to make the trip and visit some friends. The pictures are cute. It is amazing how quickly they grow. Your girls are beautiful.

Ms. ~K said...

I am so impressed and proud of all 5 of you ladies!!!
Easy to pick out Heather's kiddos for sure.


Anonymous said...

We too had a blast! The kids were tuckered out, but it was well worth it! We hope that you plan to do this again, as we love your company! I love watching our kids play together. It reminds me of wonderful memories I have growing up with your family! We are coming into town this weekend! Hope to see you then. HC