Friday, April 3, 2009

My Aching Ears

I sit in blessed silence in the evenings after the girls have gone to bed and think about all the great things I should put here on the blog, or at least write down so that I don't forget them. Instead I've mostly just been sitting stunned at the sound of absolutely nothing for a few short hours before going to bed each night.

We've had more than a week's worth of rain in recent days, and as a result the girls' volume here at home (well everywhere actually, we just haven't been too many places) has been almost unbearable. I considered taking Ella to have her ears checked but decided that it is just a bad case of spring/ cabin fever. I came to that conclusion after discussing the phenomenon with her preschool teacher and realizing that she perhaps wouldn't seem so loud if she weren't talking ALL THE TIME!! She's not alone in her constant chatter as Maggie, Kate, and Sarah have more than plenty to discuss with myself, Ella, and each other at all times as well.

We are really missing our glorious outside weather days like the ones in these pictures. Mimi and I tried to use wishful thinking to change the weather this morning and even took the girls hiking in the brrrr cold to a nearby waterfall. They were just so excited to be out of the house that they happily braved the cold, wet, nearly one mile walk downhill before we turned around and headed back up.

We're supposed to have great weather tomorrow... and a parade. I'll be sure to have my camera handy for more bloggy inspiration for next week because Sunday the highs are forecasted to be in the 70's, but by Monday we'll be back in the 40's. Yuck...
In other news, Gamma sent the girls a set of Resurrection Eggs. I made a set at a MOPS meeting this time last year, and Ella and I used them. This year we're doing the devotional that goes along with them each night all together. I'd say that the interest level thus far this year is about what it was with just Ella last year. I'm not sure any of the lessons are sinking in, but at the very least they are being exposed to the Resurrection story.
I was prompting Kate to tell Kay about our nightly devotionals yesterday morning and she was doing great until.....
me: "Tell KayKay what was in the first egg we opened."
Kate: "A donkey."
me: "What did the donkey do?"
Kate: "It carried Mary to Bethlehem."
me: "Not that donkey, I mean the other one..."
Kate: "Jesus rode on it."
me: "What did the people say?" ... expecting Hosanna in the highest, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.... something along those lines
Kate: "I'll get you my pretty".... spoken just like the wicked witch of the west in Wizard of Oz

Needless to say, we'll keep working on it!

Hope you have a very blessed and sunny Saturday!


Tara said...

ok, that conversation at the end is HILARIOUS! Too cute. They'll get it eventually.

Brandi said...

Raegan is just now really getting into the resurrection eggs we made last year. I think she calls them "baby Jesus eggs" though.