Monday, April 20, 2009


Tonight I struggled a little bit when it came time to put the girls to bed. I was
singing to all of them and rocking them each in turn for quite a while. During my attempts to get them settled, at one point I was rocking Maggie while Kate and Sarah tossed and turned. Sarah suddenly got up out of her bed, walked over to Kate's and politely asked Kate if she could join her. Kate said, "Surely." Then Sarah, ever the little sponge piped up with, "Oh Katie, I'm so impressed that you would offer to share your bed with me"...... just exactly like that!

I almost laughed out loud to hear my words coming out of her little mouth so verbatim, but I recovered quickly enough to get her back in bed before it all broke loose again.

I'm ever so grateful that the kind, affirming words are the ones she's choosing to mimic... at least for now. I'm considering myself warned that Yes They Are Paying Attention to Everything that we say!!


Lara said...

That is truly adorable.

And a wake up call for me. Too often lately I'm hearing my kids mimic a not-so-happy mommy.

Ms. ~K said...

Too cute...
You are an excellent role model and mommy!

Anonymous said...

My mother used to say, "Little ears have big mouths." LOL. Thank goodness for moms like you!


Denise Wheeler said...

That is too cute! So true about the little mimics in our lives.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness...A little you! She is impressive! I love it.

Dorinda said...

I love when they say stuff and really have no idea what they're saying. It is too cute!

And you are a brave woman to shower when they're awake and alone! I imagine you have to but I have yet to be that brave :)

My girls can play in the basement for a few minutes alone but it usually means there will be marker on some wall or someone (Rachel!) Yesterday she drew on her belly, Julianna's back and Alyssa's arm - at least they didn't have tops on! But one time I caught them just reading books quietly - I praised them to no end. Thank God for small favors.

Stephanie said...

What good manners! That is incredibly sweet. I don't know how you put all four of them to bed by yourself each night. You are Wonder Woman. :)