Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We've had a busy, fun-filled, wonderful Resurrection Sunday! The weather was great for hunting eggs both yesterday and today. The kiddos are still incredibly hyped about all the candy they've found even though most of it is still in my possession, and they are none the wiser. They enjoyed a great Sunday school lesson about Jesus' empty tomb involving disappearing marshmallows, and I actually got to hear the sermon for a change because Maggie, Kate, and Sarah all opted to go to the nursery before our preacher began her message.

Ella and I made a cake to take to Nanny and Pop C's house tonight to share with everyone. She wanted a bunny rabbit like the ones Mimi and Nanny used to make for me when I was a little girl... that's a big concept around here these days~ me being a little girl, that is. However, because the girls have been playing in my pots and pans a bunch lately, I could only find one of my round cake pans. Since their traditional design requires 2 rounds we had to come up with another. I found this little bunny cake recipe online, and I think he turned out really cute.... only trouble with him is that no one could bear to cut him. It was either that or we had way too many other delicious sweets at our family gathering tonight.

When we arrived at church this morning I tried my best to get all four of the girls in one shot on the front steps. They would not all stand and look at the same time. This was the best I could do.

All the girls' Easter dresses were supposed to be just like Ella's, but when we tried them on for the very first time at 9am this morning duh, I know better than that Maggie, Kate, and Sarah were swimming in theirs. I was lucky to be able to convince them to try something else, and even more blessed to have something equally cute. Hopefully they will grow into these by camp meeting time!

By the end of the evening they were still going strong and had switched over to hiding the eggs for the adults to find. It was cool out by that point so we resorted to sweat pants under the dresses. All the running, kite flying, egg hunting, and lessons they've learned this weekend are serving us well because they were sound asleep within seconds of hitting their little pillows.
Hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Easter!


Anonymous said...

Children makes ones lives so rich! What a fun Easter for you and the girls. (And Nanny and Pop C, too.) The cake looks adorable! I spent Easter with my little buddies, too. What fun!

Kim said...

Church was so packed I didn't even get to see your girls! Ella looks gorgeous with that big bow in her hair! I love the pics! I think we're going to be hunting eggs all week. Emma loves it plus it keeps her occupied for hours!!! Come over and join us if you like!

Laura said...

What a cute cake! Glad that you all had such a nice Easter. Our egg hunt was washed out by the rain but we figure we'll just have it another day since Emma won't know the difference anyhow.

Ms. ~K said...

Your bunny cake is adorable!!!!
So glad you all had a wonderful day.

Angela said...

Gorgeous pictures and I am so impressed by that cake. Woo hoo!

Muthering Heights said...

The cake is adorable...and your girls look so sweet in their Easter best!

Shasta said...

Your girls are adorable and so is that cake, great job!!

Sab Mad said...

Adorable girls and super cute cake!