Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last One from the Beach

With the weather we've been having this week, it is hard to even remember back to the glorious, beautiful weather we had while we were at the beach. I am so ready for the rain to stop, and I think all of the girls feel the same! Since they are calling for even more bad weather here, I think I'll go ahead and post our last few pictures from our R&R beach vacation to lift my spirits.

On one of our many bike excursions at Hilton Head we discovered a neat little children's museum called The Sandbox. It was an interactive playhouse of sorts, and yes, they played at a sand table for almost 15 minutes even though they had spent the entire morning playing in one of the world's largest sandboxes.... the beach.

The beach was a little windy that particular day, so we spent the better part of an afternoon and evening there after the girls got up from their nap. As we were leaving one of the museum employees invited us back to their family fun night the following evening... museum admission was free for the event, and they were serving hot dogs for dinner, yippee!

In addition to the free admission and food, not to mention another couple of hours of contented playtime, they had a clown there for the event that was doing all kinds of face painting. Ella stood in line with Sarah who wanted to have her face painted like a princess, (you can see it if you zoom in on the photo above this one), and while she waited decided she'd like to have her arm painted. It was impressive, but then she was reluctant to bathe for a couple of days so that she didn't wash it off.

We didn't spend a great deal of time in the condo this trip because the girls got into too much... primarily Maxine and Murhpy's dog cages (sorry Janice and Tom)!! Every time I turned around Ella was locking Sarah, Kate, and Maggie in, but as you can see they didn't mind a bit. We mostly opted to be out on the bikes, at the beach, or exploring.

One afternoon Maggie awoke from nap with a very specific request for snack, which we didn't have on hand. I decided we could make a little one on one trip to the grocery store, just Maggie and I. While we were gone, the other three girls enjoyed an ice cream social with Daddy on the back porch.
They made a big mess of themselves, lots of silly faces, tons of pictures, and a whole bunch of fun memories with Daddy while Maggie and I enjoyed a few quiet minutes to ourselves.
Afterward they did a great job of cleaning up. We would not have been able to tell they had had any ice cream if not for them all telling Maggie about it, but thankfully she didn't even mind.
We had a fabulous time vacationing with Scott at Hilton Head, and we look forward to many more family trips there in the future. After all, according to Ella, "Hilton Hay-ud is the best beach in the whole wuhrld... even better than the ones in Hawah!"


Andrea said...

How wonderful to live so close to the beach...and that museum looks way cool, too! Great pictures!

Denise Wheeler said...

Very cute pictures. It looks like you guys had a much deserved wonderful family vacation. The museum looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Babies + beach + sand = sweet memories. I'm sure their daddy has a ton of those now.

Mandy said...

I'm glad you all got to be together and have such a nice time!

One of my kids very favorite games right now is "doggies". Everett is the only one who is not a dog. He is in charge, and the three "doggies" follow him around and do what he tells them to do. I love watching the things they come up with. It's nice to have an older sibling to be the leader sometimes. (As long as they're leading the kids to do good--or at least not BAD things.)

Ms. ~K said...

I'm so happy you all had this wonderful time together...
Great pictures!

Kim said...

Hilton Hayud is the best beach in the whole Wohwold.

Laura said...

Cute pics as usual. Emma loves being in the dog cage as well when we go up to Grandma & Grandpa's.