Monday, February 2, 2009

Breakfast... It's What's for Dinner

First of all, thank you for all the sweet comments and emails with suggestions that everyone has sent from my last post.... much appreciated! And now, as promised, some pictures~

Last night while the rest of the world was Super Bowl partying, the girls and I went out to dinner with Nanny and Pop C. We went to one of their usual Sunday evening spots, but for us, it was a first.

Every one of the girls loved their waffles for dinner at The Puddle House. No matter how many times I corrected them, The Huddle House was always The Puddle House when one of them spoke it. There was no crying, no spillage (even Pop), and everyone ate well!

So tonight I cringed a little bit when I realized that my plan for dinner once again included syrup. We had French toast. It too was a big hit as you can see from the messes all over their little faces.

So I wonder why I stress over getting them to eat.... they are always up for breakfast food. With all the sweet syrup it is no wonder why! These girls are sugar fanatics just like their dear old mom.

And just in case you are wondering about the angles of some of these photos, all the girl have hair long enough for ponytails now so they were showing them off. As Ella put it, Sarah's ponytail is still one of those straight sticky out-y kinds, but it is a ponytail none the less.

So maybe we should just plan on pancakes for supper tomorrow night?!? Is that terrible?? Oh, Scott, we really need you to come home soon so that we can start eating real dinners again!!


danajk said...

I love it! At our house, we love to have breakfast for supper. But there is that pesky syrup to contend with. And we are sticky for days!! But it sure is delicious!!

Brandi said...

Oh yes we do breakfast for dinner at least once a week here. For Raegan though it's scrambled eggs, she will always eat scrambled eggs no matter what. It's at least one night a week that I know I won't have to bribe her to eat dinner.

Laura said...

I love breakfast for dinner! Unfortunately, Brad doesn't delight in it as much as me. Cute ponytails on all the girls.

Candace Hickey said...

Mine would eat breakfast for every meal if I allowed it....he he he

I love the pony tails....makes me think of Jon and Kate Plus 8....she has the girls' hair in a pony tail for all meals. :)

Your girls are getting so big...cute!

Stephanie said...

As you know, we enjoy eating "breakfast for dinner" too. Although we prefer to top our waffles with plenty of fresh fruit and whipped cream instead of syrup...