Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If I had written a post yesterday it would most likely have been titled, "Off to the Nut House I Go". The entire day was a real doozie. At one point in the mid afternoon I had two children seated at the table begging for cereal and simultaneously singing two different songs loudly, one standing at my feet with her pants around her ankles demanding assistance, and the fourth little nut trying to climb up the bookshelves to get to her makeup herself after a solid thirty minutes of begging for it and being denied while the two dueling musicians sang. There was a great deal of screaming, crying, whining, and fighting..... and some of it was from the girls.

The funny joke about me heading to the nut house was not so very funny last night after I spent almost an hour getting Sarah off to bed. She screamed at me for a solid 20 minutes about her pajamas, her legs itching, and the fact that it was not snowing outside! In her defense, she was not feeling well, and I could tell that her skin really was itching... I felt miserable for her, but I was completely unable to help her. (She had all the lotion, benadryl, tylenol, etc that she was allowed to have already.) I felt helpless with her writhing in my arms once she finally selected a pair of pjs, settled into my lap, and fell asleep. She was pitiful, and by the end so was I.

Then today, everyone woke up on the right side of the bed. No one was sick so I suppose that was the main contributing factor to all the good cheer. Things went smoothly and with very minor whining. We ran errands, went out to lunch, played hard, and the house wasn't even totally destroyed in the process.

It really makes my head spin to think about how drastically things change from one day to the next here in our household.

We completely forgot to turn on the television for most of today so there was no Inaugural viewing. I never mentioned the changes taking place in our country to the girls so they remain oblivious for now.

I can't help but wonder about the changes that will be taking place in our nation in the days, weeks, and months ahead. I will be praying for our new president and his family as they make the transition and beyond..... praying that these changes will be good ones, that they will be guided and protected by God.

I'll also send up some prayers that tomorrow won't be another one of those days where I sense a trip to the nut house in my immediate future.


TuTu's Bliss said...


danajk said...

Thankfully the really crazy days are sprinkled with some good ones, right? Hoping for more good ones than ones that leave you bound for the "nut house!"

HollyB said...

WOW, your day sounded a lot like my day today!!! Nice to hear I won't be alone in the Nut House!

Tara said...

Thanks for the milk advice. I just love these post about how it truly is sometimes. You keep it real and I appreciate it so much.

Brandi said...

That is so funny because Raegan was TERRIBLE on Monday! I contributed it to being at her grandparents all weekend but maybe there was just something in the water around here. She woke up on Tuesday smiling and chatting like it never even happened. I joked that Joe was probably relieved to get back to work yesterday. The sad part is I think he kinda was after the day we had Monday.

Denise Wheeler said...

I am glad that eveyone woke up on the right side of the bed, hopefully they do again today too. Yesterday was much like your Monday for me. I am glad that everyone seems to be well for the moment and hopefully they stay that way.

Ms. ~K said...

Even on your NUT HOUSE DAYS, you seem to hold it together-I've never seen you "Ruffled".

Lindsey said...

That makes my day/night!! The Lord knew that if I didn't get immediate help with Luke's going- to-sleep routine I'd be in the nut house too. :) Thanks a bunch!

Dorinda said...

Oh I hate the bad days!! When people ask how it is with 3 it always depends on what kind of day it is :) Some days they are so cute and sweet and so many others that I want to sit down and cry and ask "why me??!!"

Praying for more good days then bad for both of us because we've both been so very blessed. Praying also for our nation!!

Mommato2miracles said...

I'll join you at the Nut house if that means we get a break:-) Sometimes it is so crazy buzy it isn't all that much fun. And then they crawl up in your lap and tell you they love you and the world is a better place. Here's to lots of hugs and kisses and QUIET tomorrow!

Angie said...

I can totally relate to your first paragraph and I only have 3!

Here's to more good days ahead and to having a great sense of humor to keep the "not so good" days in perspective. :)