Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Works for Me

I had a little "ah-ha" moment over my unannounced, week long, blogging hiatus. It had nothing to do with blogging and I wasn't intentionally taking a break.... I just thought I'd save it for Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks In My Dryer.

Now, I realize that many of you reading here have children.... some of you I know have even more than me, and you all well know that traveling with children can be a chore. I don't even mean "road trip" kind of traveling..... just running errands for us with 2 stops, for instance, includes 24 buckles and unbuckles from bulky car seats, climbing in and out numerous times, and snacking to bring down the noise to a safe decibel level. To say that I am ready to be inside already once the car is parked in the garage is an understatement!

As a result, I have let my standards of what is acceptable cleanliness slide drastically in the vehicle department. There are, at any given time, hair bows, goldfish crackers, popcorn, cheerios, toys, candy, leftover lollipops, used wipes, junk mail, and the occasional lost sippy cup 1/4 full of old milk in there. I'm recalling easily because I finally cleaned out my car today! Yuck!! The point here is that the car often just plain stinks. Who knew four little, prissy, girls could create such an olfactory nuisance?!?

The works-for-me portion of the post comes in here: This past weekend we were at Sam's Club and I purchased some fabric softener sheets.... in bulk, yes, we do a lot of laundry here. Somehow, in unloading my goods I accidentally left the fabric softener sheets in the back of the car. The next time I got in it smelled heavenly, and I was oh so grateful to have purchased in bulk so that I could leave one of the two boxes in the very back of the car. Now instead of smelling like stale, 3 day old waffles and milk, our Expedition has a pleasant fresh, albeit fake scent, and that works for me!

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Dorinda said...

Not a bad idea! I HATE cleaning out the car and with the recent trip meant lots of food in the car. I sincerely wish I didn't have to feed them in the van but I have no choice so it's just another place for messes to collect :(

Oh, check my writing blog - I put up a new prologue and I'm working on chapters tonight and hope to have one up tonight or tomorrow!

Kim Layton said...

That's a great idea...with two boys our cars aren't so fresh! I've put them in my towel closet and the kid's drawers to help freshen things up!

Samantha C. said...

We do the same thing. we also use Chlorox wipes that are scented especially put one in the bottom of the trash can/diaper pale!!! each time we change the trash!!!

Whitney said...

Great idea! I love it when the car smells like the milk sippy cup that has been in there for 3 weeks! Thanks for the tip.

Erickson 5 said...

Awesome idea. Sometimes I just take a dryer sheet and leave it under the front seat. That does the trick too.
Hope all is well. Happy Belated Holidays.

Anonymous said...

don't you love that fresh smell=====we put them in gym bags and suit cases, too

Sab Mad said...

Fabulous idea! My hubby just spilled his nasty tasting (and just as nasty smelling) protein shake in the car - YUCK! I'm sticking dryer sheets in today!

BTW - just read your Christmas update and think you are amazing! Your girls are gorgeous!!

Denise Wheeler said...

What a wonderful idea!

Sorry, would have commented earlier but I have been having blogger issues. Well, maybe it is just me issues. Who knows. Thanks for the tip though

Jen said...

You can also take peppermint oil and dab some on an old washcloth you dont use as much and lay it under a seat over night....crack your window. It will be refreshing in the morning/

Sugar Mommy said...

love this one! glad i am not the only one who went form having a clean vehicle to a down right nasty one!