Thursday, November 13, 2008

Naptime Pandemonium

Two times this week I have left the girls home with my Nanny C. during their afternoon nap, and both times I have come home to complete pandemonium. Now I'm not blaming Nanny here. They are tricky little munchkins.... they know the exact things to say and do to be freed from their nap time captivity.

On Tuesday they had at least slept for an hour or so before I left to go have my tire checked out. I found out rather quickly that I had a nail and once it was fixed I returned home to lots of noise. Today, however, I had to run out the door almost immediately after putting them to bed. I went for my flu shot, came home, and found them like this.

Everyone was wearing something different, all were listening intently to Nanny C., and nobody had slept a wink! They know all the tricks to use for sure. As soon as they saw my taillights in the driveway Sarah started saying, "I gotta go tinkle". When Nanny investigated she found that one of the other two had a dirty diaper, and by the time she took Sarah to the bathroom and changed Kate's diaper all hope of a nap was lost.
I certainly don't mind. I love the fact that they've gotten to spend some extra time with Nanny C. this week. I just wish they weren't doing that in lieu of their naps.

And just when I was wondering if perhaps they didn't need that afternoon nap anymore, after trying it out today on accident I can be certain that they do, in fact, very much still need it.... as do I.

They played at Mimi's for a couple of hours this afternoon so that I could straighten up the house for my women's Bible study group that meets here tonight and make dinner. At 5pm we struggled through supper time and then did baths. By 6pm everyone was basically ready to crash out, but I know they sleep 12 hours or less each night so I selfishly kept them up until 6:30pm.

I think Kate and Maggie fell asleep while rolling out of my arms into their pillows. They were so tired! Sarah, on the other hand, began screaming, crying, kicking at the gate, and thrashing on the floor. She kept it up until I had read an entire book to Ella and said prayers. I went back in and rocked her for a few minutes so that she could settle down, and she fell right to sleep in my arms. Poor little things. I won't be leaving them at nap time tomorrow.... they still desperately need their daytime beauty rest! We'll just have to go visit with Nanny and Pop C. more often while they are awake.


Dorinda said...

Three heads together sure are sneaky huh?! Don't give up the nap!! I'm thinking ever - maybe they'll be 12 :)

And I'll have Kaitlyn e-mail you tomorrow - sorry for the delay!

Laura said...

They certainly are cunning little girls but I am sure that Nanny C. loved having some extra time with them.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Yes, I've found that Grammys do have a harder time saying "no". I can imagine 4 little girls batting their eyelashes and who can resist? I don't know what I'll do when my kids drop a nap, hopefully send them to school.

Ms. ~K said...

Nanny C looks like she's got the situation under control, as always.
Love to you all.