Thursday, November 6, 2008

Making a Difference

I just spent the last hour working on a wonderful post about Compassion International's Child Sponsorship Program. Blogger and the *grin* wonderful internet just crashed here at our house, and the great post is now lost.

Starting over...

I decided to write about our sponsored child Sabina tonight because we got a letter from her today. In her own words, she thanked me for my previous letter, let me know she is praying for Scott and our family while he is in Iraq, and mentioned that she is doing quite well and enjoying her lessons in school. Her letters are always simple but filled with hope and love.

We keep her photo on our refrigerator so that we'll remember to pray for her daily. The girls periodically look up from their little table and call out her name. Ella often asks about her and wonders what it's like in Ghana and what she might be doing "right this very moment". Compassion makes it easy to find information about Sabina's town, so Ella and I are learning a little bit about the conditions there. We also spend time writing letters to her together.

This small 11 year old girl from half way around the world is having a positive impact on our lives, and I hope and pray we are making a difference in hers!

Tonight as I was reading some of the stories from a group of Compassion bloggers on a trip to the Dominican Republic this week, the posts from Melanie and Marlboro Man really hit home. Their message was loud and clear that our sponsorship and correspondence with Sabina is most definitely making a difference. Please click over and read some of the amazing accounts of the things that Compassion is doing around the world!

And then if you are looking for a way to invest in the life of another, click on over to Compassion's site and find out about sponsoring a child yourself. You won't regret it!


Abbie H. said...

You have a beautiful family! 4 girls! Wow-what a blessing. I love little girls.

Bless you for spreading the word about Compassion!

Will you join us?