Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday Fun

Early Saturday we got up, dressed, ate, and headed over with Mimi to meet Heather, Campbell, Luke, AP, and her sister Jennifer for the Gold Rush parade. We were busting it to get there by 10am, which by all of our recollections from college days was when the parade started.

Unfortunately for us, after we were parked and had schlepped all 6 kids about a mile up hill to the parade route from our cars, we realized that Gold Rush really wasn't all that crowded like we remembered. We forged ahead and found a great seat right on the Courthouse lawn at 10:05am.... which was unbelievable luck!

Except for the fact that this year the parade didn't start until 2pm! Doh?!? We all felt super smart for not having checked out the time, but we certainly weren't going to stick around until nap time for a parade. So we just continued straight through all the booths and headed out the other side of all the hoopla right in our beautiful old college campus. We took a leisurely walk through the NGCSU campus which has changed a great deal since any of us were students there .....well, as leisurely as you can imagine with 1 single stroller, two 3 year olds, both of whom were under the weather, and four 2 year olds.

Next we moved our little fiasco party to the local Chic-fil-A where cousin Nick provided some reinforcements to the by then wearying five adults in our party. This was the girls' (and Luke's) consolation prize... playing together at the playground. I think the big girls were a little bit sad about missing the candy, but no one else really seemed to mind missing the parade. Ella was just thrilled to be able to play with her best-est friend in the whole worl Campbell.

After we got home and Maggie, Kate, and Sarah went down for a nap, Ella was surprised with the news that she was going to spend the afternoon with Donna and her favorite cousin Cayden. It ended up being a sleep over for both Ella and Cayden at Donna and Mike's house that night, but the little girls and I went over for dinner and to play for a little while in the evening.

Before we headed over the little gals and I played outside in the garage and on the driveway for a couple of hours. That's where I got all these cute pictures and why Ella's not in any of them... she wasn't here. They played so hard. They rode bikes, pushed baby dolls in strollers, colored, cut with their new scissors, used their markers, sang me songs, and just had a grand old time!

We've since added one more sickie to the ranks here at the Silly Sister House. Starting sometime last night I noticed that Sarah was sneezing and sniffling too. However, we didn't let the colds get in the way of a fun filled Saturday morning and afternoon.


Denise Wheeler said...

It looks like the girls had a good time. I hope everyone gets better soon and no one else gets it.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are beautiful. Love your blog. I was reading some of your back posts and saw the letter from your husband. My husband is in a Civil Affairs unit out of Ft. Dix currently serving in Iraq. It would be funny if they are working together or cross paths.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

In my sick and groggy state of mind I thought I read that you took the little girls out to dinner and to a play. I was like "Wow, her kids are really well behaved if she can take them to places like that by herself". Sounds like you all had a nice time even without the parade. Who needs more candy anyway?

Lara said...

I always hate when the time doesn't work out, I am excellent at not checking! But it looks like you had a lot of fun regardless! :)