Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good Clean Fun

My friends at Team Mom have kept us busy this month with a couple of great toys that they sent for review from Spin Master. Luckily for me, neither of the toys required assembly and neither of them is messy! Woohoo!!

On the rainy afternoon last week when we opened the Aquadoodle I wondered to myself why we didn't already have four of these little jewels?!? Ella entertained herself while the little gals were napping by quietly drawing to her heart's content... without requiring crayons be sharpened every 5 minutes or having to have assistance with paints. Once I filled the Aquadoodle pen with water she was good to go! She thoroughly enjoyed attempting to use the "instructions" printed along the edges of the mat to make the designs and drawings that they show. Once the little girls were up, they each took turns with the pen drawing on the Aquadoodle. For us, the only trouble with this toy is the fact that we only have one of them. It is difficult to share the mat... unless you own a stop watch and have very patient kids. I love the fact that once they are done and it dries we can fold it up to store it away for next time. I feel good about killing a few less trees on the days when we are playing with it as opposed to coloring books or painting on paper. I'll probably be looking for four of the travel sized mats before making any more road trips with my crew.

I will admit to being a bit skeptical about the second treasure, the Bath Blizzard from Kid Kleen. My girls have sensitive skin, so I assumed these bubbles would probably be a treat best enjoyed only rarely, and I sneakily took the Bath Blizzard along to Mimi's house on an evening when I knew the girls would be bathing there. Okay, in all honesty, I was also worried about the potential mess and ruckus it might cause!

The little machine and soapy bubbles proved me wrong on all counts... well except for the ruckus part. **grin** The Kid Kleen products are all safe, non-toxic, wheat and tears-free, and hypoallergenic so we didn't see any negative affects from the bubbles to their skin at all. In fact, they actually used the bubbles to clean... themselves and the bathtub. The hardest part about working this thing was getting it out of the packaging and finding the 4 C batteries to run it. Other than that, it was quite simple. I hung it from the faucet of the tub, turned the knob, and bubbles immediately began spilling out. There were plenty of bubbles to go around for all four of the little bathing beauties. They did all try to get to the spout at once, so it might be best when used one at a time, but I realize not everyone is bathing four kids 3 and under at once.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoy both of these products and would recommend either or both of them to other parents with kiddos in the 2+ age group. Thank you Team Mom and Spin Master!


Denise Wheeler said...

I think I am going to have to invest in the aqua doodle things. I might even look into the bath blizzard. Thanks for the review of both items!