Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Very Cool Gift

Aunt Kari always finds the coolest gifts... remember last year for the one year b-day x 3 she gave us the cool Little Tykes Jump-N-Slide . Well, this year's gift, along those same lines, was a Little Tykes Slam-N-Slide.... an inflatable water slide! Now we have one for summer and one for winter.... even mom is thrilled!

Along with our guests, we had a blast playing on it at the birthday party.
Sarah is a little bit afraid of heights. She enjoys climbing things, but once she is up she freezes. When it was just us girls playing the day before the party, she would climb to the top and then wait for someone to quickly help her back down.

She wanted to slide badly but just couldn't find her mojo. We're hoping that while Daddy is home for a few days we'll get some practice in, and she will beat her fear of the slide part.

Maggie, as usual, has absolutely no fear. She is gung ho, sliding normal, on her belly, head first, you name it, she's tried it...

Kate, Cousin Cayden, and Ella waiting for someone to clear out at the bottom

They were probably waiting for daredevil Maggie to move out of the way.

The big kids at the party, Ella, Connor, and Cayden, taking their turn.

Thank you Aunt Kari! We love the water slide!! Glad you got to see us enjoy it before you headed home....

love, Maggie, Kate, Sarah, and Ella