Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still More Fruit

We've had quite an abundant crop of fruit here this year. We've picked apples in our own yard and made applesauce for the winter. We've picked blueberries many, many times and now have more than enough blueberries to last us for a while.

Last week the girls, Mimi, and I went over to Ms. Henrietta's to pick blueberries one last time. We have stored them with the rest of our stash and will certainly use them, but we mainly went because Ms.Henrietta wanted us to come and visit. Ms. Henrietta is my Granny Ruth's first cousin. Their mothers were identical twins born right at the turn of the century who married a pair of brothers. Cool stuff, I know. Granny Ruth and Ms. Henrietta lived across the road from one another all of my growing up days. I still remember going across the street to play at her house on occasion, but I don't remember ever picking blueberries there before.

You might wonder what in the world we're doing with all this fruit.... well, the girls eat the blueberries as fast as they pick them, and the buckets full that we manage to bring home are being frozen and eaten regularly as blueberry popsicles.

We've got both the regular freezer and the deep freezer completely filled with blueberries and applesauce(among other things), so I attempted fruit leather today with some apples (only, I added food coloring and passed it off as fruit roll ups) from a recipe I found at another blog I read. It was super easy and turned out great. The only difference was that mine cooked in 3 hours where the recipe said 10 to 18?!? Not exactly sure how there was that much discrepancy... at any rate, thanks Laura for the recipe. You can check it out here.

I think we're done with fruit for a while. We were very blessed to be able to put so much of it away to enjoy in the winter months when it will be more difficult and expensive to get our hands on. Thank you to all our generous family who invited us to pick to our hearts' content this very abundant season!