Monday, September 29, 2008

Hilton Head September 2008

The weather was quite a bit cooler at the beach this time around. I thought it would be at least as warm as it was in May when we first took the girls, but the storms in the Atlantic lately made both the weather and the water cooler.

Thursday it was cloudy and a little rainy during the last portion of our trip; when we arrived we went straight out to "check on the ocean". The water looked, for lack of a better word, angry! The tide was in and the waves were much bigger than what I remembered. Plus they were bringing in lots of debris. We took pictures anyway... including jackets and cold little red noses.

Friday morning was also a little drizzly, but we decided to make the best of it and took off on an adventure on the bikes. The girls did even better this trip than last where bike riding was concerned. They really enjoyed riding without being strapped into their car seats for a change. We strolled around the island for most of the morning. Then, late in the afternoon the clouds disappeared. After nap time, we decided to head out to the beach. Everyone had a great time, and fortunately the girls wore themselves out running back and forth between the chairs and the water.... always a plus if you can get all their extra energy out when they are going to be sleeping anyplace other than their beds.

We woke up to sunny skies on Saturday and headed straight to the beach. We played out there.... running, swimming, shivering, digging, and building in the sand for hours. They girls played hard enough to earn themselves a 2.5 hour nap!! While they rested, us big kids headed out to the pool to read and soak in the last little bit of summer that we could.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday morning, except the main goal of running them was intensified because we headed home at nap time instead of having the girls rest there. It turned out to be a good gamble as they all slept for more than an hour (which is way more car time napping than usual for my gals) in the beginning of the trip home. The rest of the trip was smooth and uneventful... our very best traveling to date. There were no whiny, crying, babies on this trip. We joked that we made the return in "adult time" because we never had to stop because of the girls- not even once!

It was an amazing trip and I'm so glad that we went. We'll look forward to going again sometime next year when the weather warms up a bit. There were just too many pictures for me to choose from. I think I took 250+ over the short weekend. So I just made a slide show... doesn't do good things for my Blurb book, but it was much more efficient. Enjoy!
edited to add: Just click on the view all images button below if you are having trouble seeing the slideshow. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't appear to be loading.


Laura said...

Looks like you all had a great time and glad to hear that the weather was cooperative for the most part. What a great end to summer!

JMT said...

It makes me want to take my girls to the beach. Great photos!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I love their bright clothes against the white sand. Looks like they had a blast. Glad the travel time wasn't bad.

3 Peas N A Pod said...

What a wonderful trip. I love the pictures of the girls on the boogie boards.