Friday, August 8, 2008

Things I Heard Today

I just wanted to quickly post a few of the things I've heard around here lately in an effort to remember how sweet these girls are...

A conversation that I overheard this morning while I was making breakfast, Ella was still asleep, and the little gals were in a baby/lovey heap on the kitchen floor.
Maggie: "Eh-scuse me Seh-wuh."
Sarah: "I so sahwee Maggie... I in your way?"
Maggie: "No, you on my wuhvie."
Sarah: as she moved off Maggie's lovey "Oh, sahwee."

Kate is the spotlight hound these days. She adores being the center of attention, and she doesn't care if she gets there by good or by mischief. She steals things constantly from her sisters and does things that I've said not to do just to get my attention. Her eyes sparkle and absolutely gleam when she catches my eye. I try to encourage her to get my attention with kindness and performing rather than stealing from her siblings. As a result, many times a day she goes over to the hearth and climbs up to perform. She has quite a repertoire of songs, but her favorites today were Hap Bur-day Dear Daddy, Wookie's Boat, Baby Bumb-bee, and Jesus Wuvs Me. It is so much fun to watch her sing and sway back and forth from right foot to left. She truly enjoys every bit of attention she can garner, and even though she is currently the most difficult to understand, I would sit and listen to her all day if I could!

Ever heard of a "Spit-N-Spin"? Apparently that's what Ella's calling her new favorite toy that resides on our out porch... not a back porch, but an out porch. That's what all the girls call it, and they couldn't possibly ALL be wrong?!?

I have no idea where or how Sarah got the concept of nervous, but she used that word in context today. Their nap this afternoon started uneventfully, but about 15 minutes into it I heard Sarah fussing. I went in to see what the problem was and discovered she had taken off her diaper and thrown everything out of her bed. We've been having a real problem with this of late, and I swatted her little bottom as I scooped her up out of bed to put her diaper back on. She hardly acted as if she even noticed... certainly not punishment. After she was wearing a fresh diaper she went back to bed with no trouble. About 15 minutes later I heard her again, and this time she had to be changed (thank goodness she didn't remove it herself) out of a poopy diaper. I fixed her up and put her back in bed. An hour and a half later when all the girls woke up, I went in to get them out of bed. Maggie and Kate were talking but still laying down. Sarah was not. She was standing up and had once again removed her diaper. Since she was standing I picked her up first and made my way to the changing table with her. While we were crossing the room she looked me in the eyes and said, "Mommy, you makin' me nervous." Now, I can't help but wonder was she really nervous because she was anticipating a swat for removing her diaper, or was she just repeating something she'd heard me say before?!? I don't remember telling any of them that they made me nervous any time recently, but who knows???

These girls are something else. A word of caution to those we see in real life: Beware of what comes out of your mouth because they are all excellent copycats!


BreezieGirl said...

I know a little girl who used to regularly and constantly remove her diaper... her parents pinned her pajama top and bottom together so that she couldn't undress herself and therefore couldn't remove her diaper... maybe that'd work?

I love reading your blog.

Tara said...

I love thier little sayings and you type then so perfectly!

Candace Hickey said...

Don't you just love their little words and phrases? Mine at not talking yet but I enjoy hearing about little ones and the words and phrases they use. :)
You should keep a child dictionary....words that they use as they grow. (in your spare time...ha ha ha).
Also, a friend of mine has used PJ's with feet (cut off the feet) and put the child in the PJ's with the zipper in the back. That may keep on the diaper!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I am so impressed with how well they speak already. You have a house full of chatterboxes. Soon they will all have their own blog.

Dorinda said...

I love what they say! So cute. Not to the diaper thing yet and I hope we never get there!! I have heard that duct tape works...

JMT said...

Good advice! Enjoying the girl's photos on the earlier posts!

CMB said...

Excellent advise! I made the mistake of telling David he was being annoying and so know he tells me when I am annoying! YIKES! Ava did the same thing to me over the weekend. She went up for a nap and was screaming. I went to check and found her diaperless! Unreal.