Sunday, August 31, 2008


Friday before last was a very blustery day.

and Sarah

all insisted on wearing random dresses to go out and help Nanny C. pick some apples. Our next door neighbors had informed us the week prior that their apples, the ones that separate our property from theirs, were beginning to ripen and told us to help ourselves.
With the help of Pop C. and his truck we even managed to pick the few, delicious apples that our very own trees produced this year as well.

Afterwards, the girls and I had a lesson in making home made applesauce from my very talented grandmother, Nanny C. The girls got into the action by cleaning apples in their bathroom sinks on the sly while Nanny and I were working in the kitchen. After that small mess was cleaned up, they kept themselves busy at the kitchen table with play dough while Nanny and I worked. Who knew that home made applesauce was so easy and so much tastier than the kind you buy at the store?!? Spending all that great time alongside the girls gleaning knowledge from Nanny was the icing on the cake... or in this case, the sugar in the sauce.


Dorinda said...

Very cool! I wish we lived nearer to home grown things :) I live too much in the burbs to be near the country! Maybe someday. Enjoy!

Ms. ~K said...

Please share applesauce recipe!