Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fresh Blueberries... Yum!

Yesterday morning Mimi, Donna, the girls, and I all went over to our cousins' house and picked buckets full of yummy, fresh blueberries. I forgot to bring my camera with me, otherwise I could have taken several pictures of Maggie, Kate, and Sarah executing their blueberry picking plan.... two for me, one for the bucket, two for me, one for the bucket. They were so funny eating the berries right off the bushes. I bet they consumed 3 cups of berries or more while we were picking, and then we brought home 2 big sand pails absolutely full. I can only imagine what that would have cost if we bought them at the store! A very cool tidbit is the fact that we were picking blueberries off the bushes that my great grandmother planted when she and my great grand father lived on the property years ago.

On a completely unrelated note, we are now half way through our first ever contest, thank you Chicco, and I must say that I am loving reading all the comments from people who hope to win! A word to all my fellow bloggers, having a contest is a good way to bring the lurkers out of hiding. I am so glad that I elected to use random selection as my decision method! However, instead of the paper slip method, I'll be numbering the comments on Wednesday the 23rd and then using a random integer generator to come up with my winner. Same principle.... less mess for me. So if you haven't already, go and enter to win the Trevi Twin stroller that I'm giving away. Pass the word along to those whom you know could use it. Comments will close for the contest at 10pm EST on Wednesday the 23rd of July.
Happy Sunday everyone!


Brandi said...

It was good to see you all today, I felt bad using the only high chair at the restaurant but I figured yall must have some kind of system because very few places have three high chairs anyway. The blueberries look great, we have some blackberries growing in our backyard, as soon as I get around to picking them I plan on making some cobbler and jam. We'll see how it goes.

Candace Hickey said...

How nice to pick your own blueberries! I can just imagine the girls..."2 for me...1 for the basket".

Laura said...

Sounds like Maggie, Kate & Sarah came up with the perfect plan. What smart little girls!!

Dorinda said...

Hey Girl,

How are you holding up? You have survived a few days - how does it feel? How are the days going? I think about you a lot during the day when I'm here alone but I know Kirk will be home in the evening to help.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes to Kaitlyn - she loves it :)

And how did you get the stroller for the contest anyway? I can't just have a contest that gives away old clothes :)


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

That is a great photo of the blueberries. Makes my mouth water. I bet the girls had a blast picking them. Are you going to make something with them or eat them straight?


Amanda L said...

Yeah, we have been busy. I think I am taking a comp day on Monday...Want to hit the Spray Park or the lake. I also have Friday of course. Chase will be back in school so soon. It makes me sad. I had so many big plans. So, what are you going to do with all those berries?

Anonymous said...

Okay girl, my girls will go crazy if you still have any of those fresh blueberries left over. Frank says that one day the girls are gonna turn into blueberries, because they eat so many. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow.

Kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets