Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy, Busy Day

I figured I best go ahead and try to recap all the fun from Sunday before Sunday rolls around again. Last week the girls wore their cute new dresses from aunt Kari for the first time, so before Sunday school we had a couple of photo shoots... one in our yard featured wordlessly yesterday, and one at Mimi's. They were all pretty agreeable for at least part of the time as their way of saying sank you to Aunt Kari for the dresses. They may only be 3 and almost 2 years old, but they ABSOLUTELY LOVE to look cute!
Then after church, lunch, and brief naps we went back to the Fellowship Hall at our church for a Granny Dorsey Party. My great grandmother Flora was an identical twin. She and her sister Clora were born in either 1898 or 1899, and even though they were identical twins there was some dispute between the two of them what year they were born. They married cousins with the same last name and so we celebrated our late Grannies' Dorsey together. Anyway, Scott was at drill all weekend and my dad was sick, so mom and I took the girls to the party to celebrate the lives of these two extraordinary women. We tried to get pictures of each of the families represented who were descendants of each twin, and this was the best we got of our crew... sorry guys, I know this isn't the best picture.
Next up on our busy agenda for the day was a birthday party for a very special guy we know. Brian turned 28 last week, so we helped him celebrate along with his parents, family, church friends, and some of his Heros softball buddies on Sunday night.
Brian excitedly opened gifts on the front porch for quite a while as most of the crowd looked on. After the girls realized that all the gifts were his, they moved on to the side of the house looking for some trouble to get into.... with the help of Ms. Sherry they found it~ the water hose! For the next hour or so they sprayed, ran, enlisted the help of everyone they could find, sprayed everyone in sight, and basically had the best time ever. Even baby Ukie (Luke) and Ms. Amanda got to play along. All the little soaking wet children are mine, but these pictures remind me of a birthday party that we attended for Brian when he was very small... more than 20 years ago. It was a sprinkler, slip n slide party, I think. I'll have to ask Kay Kay to verify that because my memory has never been good, but after 4 kids in 17 months what little memory I had is shot!
At the end of the day these were some tired little tootsies! I got the idea to take a picture of their feet all lined up from my online friend and triplet mom, Cadi. Hers turned out much cuter than mine, but I still thought this one was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, Ella was "all done" cooperating by then.


Laura said...

I remember just how much fun a hose can be a warm summer day. You all make me tired just reading about everything going on there.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Oh, I love it with the frilly dresses and the pretty shoes. The contrast against the brick looks really good too. I'll definitely show it to Lance and point out I am not the only one in love with my kids feet.

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Your girls are so cute. I can't believe they all sit and look at the camera hehe. The last picture looks like a work of art. I LOVE IT. Definitely frame it :)

Kim said...

Oh man, I'm sorry we left before the water fight. Emma Grace would have loved that had she not been out of it and ready for bed. Your girls looked beautiful.

Misty said...

They are so adorable! I love the water hose. I can totally see my girls doing that!

Whitney said...

You have captured some great pictures lately. I am so jealous!!
Hope all is well!