Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jealousy and Fibbing

People often ask how Ella is handling having 3 little sisters and sharing her once undivided attention with them. Usually she is exceptional. She has handled all the changes of the last 2 years with much more ease and grace than I would have ever imagined or asked for. She has the occasional bad day, but so do I, and I have an extra 30 years worth of coping skills on her! However, the one time that our first little sweet pea turns green with envy is when it is time for me to go through their clothes and bring out the old season and in the new. It really doesn't matter how I approach it... if she is around she gets jealous! After all, there are three of them and therefore three times as much clothing for them, and she just lives for fashion and sees that fact as such an injustice.

Ella got an invitation to spend the night with her Pop and Mimi last night, and I took them up on it so that I could use the opportunity to go through the boxes and boxes of spring/ summer clothes and get out lots of the winter wear.... without Ella's "help". I got most of the work in Ella's room done that I need to for now, and she had a wonderful time being the only child for the night.

I sent her overnight bag with a long sleeved dress to wear to church this morning. I was surprised to see her wearing her favorite pink tank top and blue "flowey" skirt after Sunday school. Ms. Cindy said that she came straight in and immediately stripped out of the dress referring to it as "my coat". Mimi told me during church that she had no idea she had the tank top on, though she knew that E was wearing the skirt underneath the dress. (I thought we had until at least middle school before we had to worry about her changing outfits after she left the house!)

After church we went to Nanny and Pop C.'s house for lunch with cousin Cayden and Greg, Carol, and Mimi. When we finally got home and Maggie, Kate, and Sarah went down for their naps I asked Ella how her night with Mimi and Pop went. She was eager to tell me about having breakfast at a little local restaurant with Mimi and Pop and running into Pop C. there. She said she went right up to Pop C. and gave him a big hug "even though he was sittin' with his friends."

She then proceeded to tell me that Nanny C. was there for breakfast too, right beside Pop C. But I know that Nanny wasn't there because she was here with the girls and I this morning. The story went on, in that Nanny and Pop C. spent the night over at Mimi and Pop's house with her. I said that couldn't be true because I knew for a fact that they both really like to sleep in their own bed, but Ella insisted that "they even managed to bring their bed over there."

Since the first of April, better known as April Fool's around here, Ella has been making up some great big whoppers. I asked her if she was telling the truth and she insisted that she was, but she was "April Foolin' " me. Time for a little lesson in telling the truth I suppose.


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

So cute!! You ARE in for it if she is already changing clothes when she leaves the house, especially at church!! I bet it's hard to keep a straight face when you are trying to correct her behavior.

Kim said...

Sounds like she's learned alot from her Sunday School Teacher-KAY KAY! You'll have to tell her that I blamed her for your child's learning to be deceitful! Well, maybe we can call it A BIG IMAGINATION until she turns at least 12! By the way, I meant to tell you that the girls looked so cute in their hair bows today at church!

Brandi said...

Too funny, and I'm sure the younger three are all picking up these little "tips" from their big sis!!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

That is too cute. Kids can be so funny.

Amanda L said...

I am not sure that April Fool's day triggered this as much as I would like to blame Kay-Kay : ). At my house before Easter she told me a very elaborate tale of how she drove she and her sisters to Kindermusik, all by herself. I was very impressed with the hairbows I saw in the pictures. If I had four kids, I would do well to get their hair washed much less fixed.

CMB said...

Too much! I can't believe she had a whole 'nother outfit on under her dress!
So funny!

JMT said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time together. It is amazing the things kids do.

Becoming Me said...

Fibbing is hard at this age because so much of it is due to their vivid imaginations. Let me know how you handle it I can use some tips.

The Dairy Wife said...

So Cute! What a little Diva .. changing outfits already. HeeHee.

Sam can tell the biggest whopper tale, and no matter how we try to dissuade him ... he won't give it up and the tale gets bigger. It is so darn cute, and his imagination ... but I worry if knows it's not true.