Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pop Dickie's Girls

Kay-Kay recently returned home from a trip to Maryland... bearing gifts for all the girls. One of her finds X4 was a set of super cute little Dickies brand t-shirts. This is significant because my dad's name is Dickie; I really should look for some iron-ons that say "Pop" and "Girls" because dad really loved seeing all of his little sweetie pies in these shirts, but I imagine he'd only like them even better if they said "Pop Dickies Girls"!

We took tons and tons of pictures on Tuesday when they wore them for the first time. Here are some of my favorites....

Kate sitting with Pop in his office

Three out of four enjoying one of Pop's home made biscuits

Now, one without the biscuits in their mouths

Maggie... looking a little tired

Ella- it's too bad you can't see all of the outfit... crazy skirt, pink polka dot leggings, and black patten leather shoes!!!

Sarah REALLY enjoys Pop's biscuits

Sarah smelling the pretty flowers


Denise Wheeler said...

Too cute MB. I bet your dad would be thrilled if you could personalize the shirts like that. Not to mention it would be super cute.

Whitney said...

Hi MaryBeth -
I am a little behind on blog reading but wanted to wish Ella a Happy Birthday! I am sure you have had lots of fun at your house the past week!


CMB said...

Very sweet. Your Dad looks so proud. There is nothing like that look.

K said...

I heard you were looking for some photo help on Kristi's trio blog. You can check out
She has a series called photo fridays where she teaches people how to get comfortable with their cameras.

Dorinda said...

Absolutely adorable. I swear the best pictures of kids are the ones when they are in the flowers. Keep those forever!!

And Happy Birthday to Ella. I love three and four years old - those are my favorite. Now if we could get there with our trios...

Jen @ One Moms World said...

OMG how adorable those shirts are on your beautiful girls. I like the idea of personalizing them as well.