Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

To make the day memorable, this morning I gave the girls each their own tiny heart cake that I made last night as their Valentine from Scott and I. We opened up cards we'd received in the mail from grand and great- grand parents. Kay-Kay arrived bearing Valentine's day cards and gifts. We dressed in pink... every shade available, and went to a Valentine's party at story hour. It was crazy there; I think all the kids there had a little too much of the red dye already! Kate began to feel ill and developed a fever. So we came home, gave Kate some Advil, had some lunch, and put the little ones down for a nap. Kate woke up feeling just a little warm, but she was acting like her old self again.

Then we all played outside.

This does not look like the face of a sick baby, I know!

Later Mrs. Sherry came by and took Ella to visit with Bethann at college. Maggie, Kate, and Sarah were all just a little hurt that they were not chosen to go with Mrs. Sherry, so Kelli and I got out the baby doll strollers and a couple of baby dolls and we had a full hour of pure joy.... minus a couple of uh-oh's and small oopsies.

This evening Kate's fever was back, Ella was beyond tired and full of sugar, and wouldn't you know I have to decide by the morning if all is well enough for me to escape with Scott to Austin for a wedding this weekend!?!