Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Haircuts

This afternoon Kim and Emma Grace made a house call to give the girls their first haircuts. I made them each sit on the hearth after they woke up from naps so that I could snap these fabulous BEFORE pictures.

We've been sporting some pretty fuzzy hair-dos around here for quite a while... despite Ella's best efforts with the Enchanted Beauty Parlor that she got for Christmas, things just weren't improving. I finally called in Ms. Kim for professional assistance.

I was not sure what to expect. I have taken Ella before to have A-Megan, Amanda, or Beth cut her hair at her most favorite booty paw-er ever, and once we've arrived she has flatly refused. Maggie, Kate, and Sarah have more than a mild case of "I want my mommy" when anyone they are not accutely acquainted with is around. However, I think sweet baby Emma Grace was a huge ice breaker because they all enjoyed her presence for a while before we set up the make-shift shop. Ella's beauty parlor chair was finally put to some good use. I stuck it on top of the kitchen table and that became the work area. Ella went first and set a wonderful example... she's all about being a good example to the little ones these days. It also didn't hurt that Ms. Sherry stopped by with some sugary treats for after the haircuts!

Here are the DURING photos...

It really was as calm as it looks in the photos. There was no screaming, no yelling, no crying, no sharp scissors in danger of poking a wiggly girl in the eye! I was amazed!! I think Kim was a little shocked too. Maybe she'll continue to make house calls here if the girls behave this nicely every time. That's what we're hoping, anyway.

In my excitement over how well things went, I completely forgot to take AFTER shots. But I did get a cute picture of Ella snuggling up with Emma Grace. I'll be sure to take some after photos tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ms. Kim; their neat little heads look so much better!


Kim said...

You're so welcome. It looks like it wore poor Emma out. Emma sure does love her Ella!

Whitney said...

They look so cute! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!


Dorinda said...

I am just sooo jealous that your girls actually have enough hair to cut!! How sweet and fun. Can't wait to see some after pictures!