Friday, January 18, 2008

New Personality Traits & Teeth... Both Arriving Daily

Night before last we had our first snow of the year. It was beautiful and must have fallen on and off all night because when we woke up there were probably 2 or so inches (warning: I'm not much good at estimation) on the ground. Because all the girls have still got quite a battle going with a bad chest cold, we didn't go out and play in it at all. They just looked out from the windows. Ella remembered playing in the one good snow that we had last year and wanted to know when we'd be going outside to sled. The babies all learned to say some version of snow... they were pretty cute pointing out the window and trying to say it anyway.

We are in the midst of a personality explosion around here daily. Each one of the girls is changing and becoming her own little self to such a degree that even I (someone who is with them nearly 24/7) can see the change. Maggie is a true instigator. Lately she has been caught offering her paci to Ella, who no longer takes one but still misses them terribly, and then immediately crying out that Ella has stolen her paci. She didn't know I was watching as she did it, and boy was she disappointed to not get the usual reaction out of me! Maggie has also become very intentionally loving lately... I watched her try to hug and kiss all three of her sisters today- whether they liked it or not. Oh, yeah, Maggie also moves her head around a lot lately like Stevie Wonder?!? Kate is sometimes a little puzzle. She is most often the only child in this house who will play by herself. She can entertain herself in Ella's walk in closet for 30 minutes at a time. She is also pretty defiant. She likes to stand up on their slide and in the rocking chair... even when I tell her NO. She grins and takes her sweet time sitting down when requested, but if she is too slow and I have to sit her down myself it just breaks her heart. She seems to be the most easygoing and the most sensitive at the same time. Is that possible??? Sarah is our little communicator. She is sure of what she wants these days and doesn't have much trouble telling us exactly what "it" is. She's also a bully. I've heard "mine" and "my turn" from her more times in the last week than I care to count. However, she is fairly patient when actually waiting her turn.... except when it's a turn in mom's or Mimi's lap she's waiting for! She has a new love for oranges, but she is our little fruitarian, after all. Ella, the sweetest big sister in the whole world, has been a complete pleasure these last few days. Of course, she's not been feeling her best, but she has been helpful, pleasant, not whining, just generally a complete joy to be around. I think all our hard work with "Please and thank you never go on vacation" is paying off, because she seems to have a very grateful heart. I've noticed in the last couple of days that she always remembers to say Sank You for any and everything that people do to help her, give her, etc. While I was getting the girls down for their afternoon nap a couple of days ago, she was busily working away in their little kitchen. When I came out of the nursery she took a nice looking plate of "food" over, handed it to Kelli and said, "Here's some Lord's Supper for you Kelli. Enjoy!" I honestly don't know where she comes up with the things she thinks about.

We are still in a world of hurt sleep wise due in part to the chest colds and in part, I think, to teeth. Sarah was up from 3 to 5 am last night literally telling me that she couldn't sleep because her teeth hurt. After she asked for some medicine and I delivered, she still couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. I just didn't have the heart to put her in her crib to suffer it out alone. Thanks to a wonderful husband, I got to sleep in this morning until almost 10am! However, I know we've got at least three little mouths full of teeth just waiting to burst forth any day now, so I best get on to bed!!


AUNT BEE said...

wow! i miss them so much!! sounds like they are growing!!!!!!

Christie said...

They sound wonderful MB! I LOVE this age too. I love that they are able to talk more and are figuring out that they can be funny. What fun for you! I can't believe that you just got your first snow either! When we played, Lily laid on her tummy and stuck her face in the snow to eat it. She was in heaven. I can't wait for your girls to get better so they can play!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I feel for you with the teething and the sickness. It seems like someone is always teething over here. We haven't been sick in a while but there is strep throat and stomach flu going around our area. Either one sounds yucky X4. Hopefully it will get better for you soon.


PhotoChick said...

I wish they could have played in the snow, but I bet it was lovely to look at! Hopefully they'll be all better by the time the next snowfall hits.

I love reading about all your little girls - it lets me know some of the things my little girl will be doing & going through. They're all so beautiful in person & in personality!

May God Bless you and your family always!