Monday, December 24, 2007

RSV Go Away!

We have 3 little undiagnosed cases of RSV here.... yep, that's why I haven't been doing much blogging lately. Maggie went to the doctor last week on Thursday because of a wheezing, yucky, chest rattling, cough she'd had for over a week. The doc said she wanted to test for RSV because her symptoms were an exact match to 90% of the cases she'd seen of it lately. Unfortunately, the nurse bloodied Maggie's nose trying to get her swab test so the results were inconclusive. Obviously, I didn't let them try again. By the time I got home with Maggie, Sarah had started to cough. Yesterday Sarah woke up with a 104 degree fever. She was incredibly lethargic. After lots of advil/tylenol being administered all day (and tons of cuddling) she was some better, but she still has the hacking cough now. Then not to be outdone by her sisters, last night little Kate started the same coughing and refused to sleep from 7pm until around midnight. We've got it bad, but hopefully it is on it's way out; Maggie seems to be a great deal better today. RSV (or whatever you are) Go Away!!