Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Latest Happenings

It has been pretty crazy around here lately... having had guests from out of town Thursday through Sunday and then Gamma in town from Sunday until today. Scott and I were able to go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday a few days late one night while Gamma was visiting- Thank you, Gamma! We had a really great visit!!

Ella said the funniest thing yesterday afternoon. The house was, admittedly, quite full, but she said, "Anybody who doesn't live here can go home now." I guess it sounds pretty rude, but understand that for the last 15 months or so she has been surrounded by people who are here to help us with the babies. She took one look around the living room yesterday where Scott, myself, Gamma, Mimi, Kelli, Nanny, and Pop C were all sitting and knew without a doubt that we had things covered. I'm sure that was all she meant, but it was funny none the less.

The little girls are all fascinated with Ella. They follow her around, look for her, call to her, and generally want to be doing whatever she is doing. We've gotten tons of good behavior out of E already by convincing her that she needs to set a good example for her sisters... hope that lasts for a long time!

All the girls are now easily climbing up onto the window seat in the office and onto the couch and chairs we have. It is nerve racking to watch them climb around and worry about them falling, but oh so sweet to see them climb up with a good book and read for a while.

There are several more pictures I want to post, but I'm having some blogger troubles. I'll try and get them on here soon.