Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Then & Now

Tonight we had a family Thanksgiving dinner at Janice and Tom's. I think there were ~40 people there. At this same event last year we took this wonderful picture that we used as our Christmas card photo.

So, I had in mind dressing the girls all in outfits that were very similar to the ones they wore last year and putting them back into this same comfy couch for a 2007 photo... I wanted everyone to be able to put the two side by side and marvel at the differences! However, we were completely unable to get anything better than this.....

After I got over being frustrated with herding cats, I decided to aim for individual photos for our card this year. Scott took some really great ones, and we managed to get a couple of other shots with people besides our four kids in them... but not many.

I will try to put my favorites into a slide show to put on here tomorrow.

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Kim & Dusty said...

The girls look so grown up in their christmas dresses. Tell Scott he missed his calling as a photographer, the pictures turned out great. It makes me more excited to see little Emma Grace!
We love you all,
Kim & Dusty