Friday, September 7, 2007

What, No Pictures?

The new camera is here, but no pictures to share just yet. I did take a couple with the old camera of Maggie's hair tonight after the bath because it was so crazy, but they didn't turn out too great because she is such a wiggle worm. Scott and Ella had the new camera at the little airport near our house. They go there to spend time together away from the insanity that is triplets on occasion. Ella loves to have her Daddy's undivided attention, and he loves showing her all the small planes like the ones he used to fly.

As promised, here is a recent list of all the things I remember Maggie, Kate, & Sarah trying to say and do lately. They all have Mama and Dada down pat. They all try saying Ella still very intently, almost constantly when she is out of sight. Everyone gets very excited when they hear the Baby Signing Time music, and they all sign baby. Maggie also signs baby when referring to herself, baby dolls, and small children. Sarah tries to say paci. They all say Pop for Pop Dickie and Pop C. although sometimes no sound actually comes out... their little lips just make the motion that your mouth makes when saying pop. They are all saying Nana for Nanny and sometimes attempting Mimi as well. We play with bouncy balls almost every day, and they've each done pretty good with both signing and saying ball. They initiate Patty Cake, Kate's specialty, and the Little Mousey games themselves, and they love to dance to the silly kid songs cd's that we're listening to lots these days. Climbing is a new favorite past time. We have several little chairs that go with little table sets, and Ella uses them around the house as her step stools. I left the door to the bathroom open while I was in the bedroom the other morning and came back to find Maggie standing in a chair attempting to get her little leg up onto the bathroom counter... aren't they too young be figuring these things out now? I thought I had a little bit more time. Fortunately, we have a house full of girls who love to go. At the mention of the words, everyone is clamoring for someone to pick them up and waving bye-bye!

This morning Ella was playing make-believe that her friend Campbell from Chattanooga was coming to play with her. She was very insistent, but as long as I would play along she would acknowledge that Cambell lives far away, and we were just pretending. However, after about an hour of pretend the phone rang. Ms. Heather, Campbell's mom, was calling to say that they were in town and could they stop by for a visit! How crazy!?! So we ended up spending a perfectly wonderful morning with Ms. Sydney, Ms. Connie, Heather, Campbell, and Luke. By lunch time we were feeling pretty brave and hungry so we decided to take the whole gang to the deli. It was so much smoother than I would have imagined... 6 children 2 years old or less, 2 moms and 2 grand moms. We had a blast!