Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I've been trying for about an hour to upload another video from this morning of the girls playing in their Jump-N-Slide, but I give up. Perhaps I'll give it another go tomorrow... Before I retire for the night, I just wanted to post a few of the super sweet things that I witnessed today.

During lunch today Sarah took a bite of pasta in her hand and sampled it... apparently it was not to her liking, but she thought Maggie would feel differently about it. So she immediately took that same hand full of pasta and put it in Maggie's mouth... Maggie ate it up without batting an eye. She is our "Mikey"!

This afternoon when all the girls were up from their nap we piled in the car to meet Scott at the outlet malls... he had a little break from work and we haven't seen much of him lately. About midway into the 45 minute car ride there Ella started fake coughing really loudly. Suddenly all three of the little ones began mocking her. I had a car full of little fake cough'ers. I think it is funny how they flatter her with copying already! They were all so silly and didn't stop right away. They ended up with fits of giggling all around.

Because it was nearing the start of the normal bedtime routine when we finally piled back in the car after supper to head home, I had on the ready 4 paci's for the girls. Ella almost never gets one in the car anymore, but since she skipped the nap I knew it would be a particularly painful trip home for me if I didn't offer one to her as well. As soon as I turned onto the highway from the restaurant, Kate spit hers out where she couldn't reach it. She fussed and cried for several miles down the road as the others sat quietly sucking away on their paci's. At some point I noticed that Kate had stopped fussing, and I looked behind to see if she had miraculously managed to find hers on her own. Instead I found that she and Sarah were holding hands and keeping time to the music on the radio. It was so sweet... it really blessed my heart, as Ella would say. I'm so glad these girls have each other to share food, silly times, and a much needed hand to hold when life is tough!


CSA said...

How sweet!! I remember back to Matthew comforting Ella when she was tiny, and how it broke his heart when she'd cry - making him cry as well. :)

I'm still loving your blog, checking in daily for new posts and pics - thanks for the comments on ours!

Whitney said...

Congratulations on the walker!! They are so cute when they first start walking.

I also think often how happy I am that my children have each other. Thanks for the reminder!