Monday, September 17, 2007


"This is my serious face.... I use it a lot."

"Look how filthy I am... mud is actually rolling down my leg!"

Sarah Bug is "the demanding one". She is a child who knows what she wants and doesn't stand for anything less. She is the pickiest little eater, and her size shows it. I'm working hard to fatten her up a bit, but she really wants to be a fruitarian (if there is such a thing). I have yet to find a fruit that she doesn't gobble up, but other foods are another thing all together. She has always been a TV watcher... I mean, if it is on she zones in. She also loves watching the Signing Time DVDs that we have and knows lots of signs. Today while we were at the mall there was a young lady sitting next to us in the food court with a hat on, and Sarah gave herself a nice, sticky hairdo by signing hat over and over again with messy hands. She just wouldn't stop until both Mimi and I acknowledged the hat; it was too funny! After a couple of weeks of being up with Sarah at night, I discovered last week that she has 5 teeth instead of just 2. Whew... glad to know it wasn't just a bad habit! Even though she is demanding, I find it quite endearing that lots of the time what she is demanding is attention from me or someone else. KayKay likes to say that Sarah just wants everyone to think that they are her favorite.... anyone who is close enough to pick her up is great!! She is a total snuggle bug and knows about a thousand and one ways to climb/sneak into your lap. I certainly enjoy making room for sweet Sarah in my lap.
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