Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One Day to the Next

I have no idea how we managed to go from the beautiful, relaxed Labor Day holiday yesterday to the home bound, terrible day we had today. Sarah is in the top picture yesterday... the flowers are amazingly still gorgeous at Mom's and the girls all had a chance to play a while outside on the swing set, in the sand, and at the pool. They all had a great time. Fast forward to the bottom picture of Ella moments after I found her on my bathroom counters applying my makeup to herself this morning. She looks about as happy as I felt! It is no fun to try and remove lipstick from a mad, squirming 2.5 year old!! What will it be like when there are three more just like her to get into everything? Childproofing will have to have a whole new meaning around here. Ella woke up at 6am and since that is an hour earlier than we like to start the day around here, I think that set the tone. I looked down at my once light colored nice shirt this evening to find traces of the lipstick, blood from a fall one of the girls took off the couch, and several other unidentifiable spots?!? We had a major "case of the Mondays", and it wasn't even Monday. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better!

On a totally unrelated note, I meant to tell a little story about Maggie during our outing yesterday when I posted last but forgot. While we were on the playground at lunch, there was a little girl toddling around who was 16 months old. Maggie was following her around signing "baby" over and over again. It always used to make me laugh when Ella would see a child sometimes several years older than she was and exclaim, "Look mama, baby!" Now for Maggie to sign baby referring to someone 4 months older than she is seems somewhat normal, but why doesn't she do it when she is looking at her sisters? What do these three think about each other? Do they see one another as a part of themselves? Maggie, at least, doesn't see Kate and Sarah as babies. Something to ponder...
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LeAnne said...

FYI-- Mary Kay's eye make-up remover works wonders at taking lipstick off of our beloved childrens faces. I only know because I have had to do it a couple of times myself.