Monday, September 24, 2007

No Rain In This House

This was how Ella looked when she came out of her room after "resting" for about 30 minutes this afternoon. Nap time has rapidly diminished to quiet play/ dress up/ insanity for our little E!

"Can't see out from under this hat, Mom. Don't you think I'm cute?"

On her way back to her room for the remainder of my one hour of daytime peace.

This morning started off with a bang. I knew today was going to be yucky because Sarah woke up with a fever of 101 degrees, and Kate threw up her entire morning bottle... all before 7am. The three little ones were cranky, not feeling well, and just generally disagreeable. Sarah tried all day long to tell us something with grunts! The child is so frustrated by not being able to communicate with words- I am so thankful for the little sign language she already knows, but even that didn't help today. Add to the sickies the fact that Ella didn't actually take her much needed afternoon siesta, and I'm just one tired mommy! More tomorrow, and hopefully only good stuff... No more rain in this house!
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The Dairy Wife said...

OH, she is so cute~ I'm dreading the "no nap,let's play" days that are surely to come.