Friday, September 28, 2007

Mom Tricks

One night this week we had meatloaf, peas, mashed potatoes, and cornbread for supper. Now, I've tried on several occasions to feed the girls mashed potatoes, and each time they have refused. However, this particular evening we were at Mimi's and immediately when she finished using the mixer on the potatoes, we gave 2 little gals the beaters and dipped a spoon in the bowl for the other baby. They ate them like they had never eaten before.... even after downing all the meatloaf, peas, and cornbread their little bodies could consume. It was like I was giving them candy because they were able to hold the spoon (and/or beater) covered in potatoes themselves. I unfortunately didn't have my camera with me to document the occasion. So maybe when they start using utensils that they hold themselves meal time will become less stressful?!? Doubt it, but one can always dream, right?


Carolyn said...

Not a dream. I usually give mine spoons to hold during dinner. They know enough to dip it into the food then taste it.
It's messy, but what kid isn't?
Get your camera ready!