Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just the Stats, Please

The girls had their one year well baby check-up this afternoon.... terrible timing- it was right in the middle of the afternoon nap time. Alas, I will never make that mistake again. On to the good stuff:
Maggie 19lb 0.5oz 28.5" long
Kate 18lb 14oz 28.5" long
Sarah 18lb 2oz 28.75" long

The doctor says they are all right on track developmentally. She did encourage us to start "fishing" for them to say more things verbally... of course, this is probably my fault because I blanked on any words that they can say besides Dada, Mama, and attempts at Ella. There are several, but we'll try to read to them more and work on increasing their verbal skills. The only other news of import is that Sarah is on the skinny side- only in the 6th percentile for weight now and Maggie and Kate are still in the 20th. So I guess I'm going to start attempting to fatten her up a bit. Overall, (especially considering the poorly scheduled time) it went well, and the girls did great!