Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Baby News

Maggie, or Mag-stuh as Ella has taken to calling her lately, has finally started to say Mama... nobody else will say Mama yet, so she is currently my favorite baby. Just kidding, they are all my favorites!! I was seriously beginning to wonder if I might make it all the way through the terrible two stage with these guys without hearing "Maaaammmmaaaaaa!" a thousand times a day times 3. Maggie also tries to yell for Ella and it is the sweetest sound ever. She continues to be infuriating at mealtimes because the little Houdini just can't be tied down! When she is in need of attention she makes the funniest "whine" face where she pokes out her lips and just pouts like a champ.

Kate is so sweet mannered and compliant that I sometimes worry she isn't getting her fair share of Mommy time. She loves to tell you how big she is and what the cow says... even on demand. Ella never would do that. In the evenings when she is finished with her bottle and waiting for bed she usually finds someone to lay her head down on so that we will tickle her back. She will lie still for minutes on end.... so sweet! Oh, and Kate now has 7 teeth to M's 6 and S's 2.

Sister Sarah is non-stop action these days. She has also learned to climb out of the table seats even when restrained. She is picky and very demanding. This morning at breakfast after the fruit bowl came out she just about wouldn't give us time to get cereal to the others before she was yelling for more fruit... and of course she just shook her head and said no anytime the Cheerios and milk came her way. Her favorite animal sound to share is what the monkey says.... very funny to hear so maybe I'll try to catch it on video soon.

Ella has had a little bit of a regression the last couple of weeks with paci's. She ceremoniously gave them up several months ago by taking them to the barn and giving them to the cows. At the time it was so easy and simple. She hardly even missed them because the babies didn't take them much at all. I kept most of them put way up on a shelf in the closet. Since the babies have been in this latest bout with teething and using their paci's more, she has been unable to simply walk past them without snatching. At first it was driving me crazy, and then I decided to give in to it. She has them back, and when the babies are ready (more like when I am ready to brave it), we'll ALL give up pacifiers. Oh, what a joy that will be....


hi my name is mommy said...

Ahhh, I know how I waited and waited to hear those four little words...and of course it was Dada first! How precious♥ Just wait until they say I love you just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter;)