Monday, July 23, 2007

What We're Up to Lately....

After the babies finish their bottles in the mornings they have started trying, by whatever means necessary- including pushing open closed doors and pushing down pressure mounted gates, to get into Ella's room to wake her. Lately she has been awake by the time they finish their bottles anyway, so I just let them crawl on in. They all like to jump and play around in her baby bed together. It is great fun until someone gets hurt.... every single time!

In the afternoons we've been heading outside for a little fun in the sandbox and on the swing set. Every one of the babies has eaten her fair share of the sand out of the sandbox already, and hopefully they have all gotten their fill. There won't be any sand left if they continue to eat it at this rate!!

We've also been playing out on the back enclosed porch lots lately too. It is amazing what a difference there is in an almost walking baby and a new to crawling baby.... they go up and down the little tykes slide about a thousand times each. They also love to play in the pretend kitchen and with everything that we keep out there in general. Kate got all scraped up out there after falling (quite possibly with Ella's help) out of a rocking chair and into the wall. Check out that head injury...

The other news, of late, is that Sarah is standing on her own lots these days. They are all babbling up a storm, and now thanks to the Baby Signing Times DVD's we just got, they are all signing lots of new words as well. They are really growing up way too fast!!
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