Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Nanny's House

Like trying to herd cats...

Maggie enjoys an ear of corn

Cayden offers Ella some chap stick


Just a couple of pictures from lunch at Nanny's house Sunday. If you notice, all four girls have on the same dress. We tried our best to get a decent picture of all of them to no avail. We were able to catch one of just the babies, but they are constantly on the move and my digital camera is way too slow.... better luck next time hopefully. I heard Ella asking one of the babies the other day, "Do you want to be cousins?" as if that is the greatest thing in the world. I said you are sisters and that is cool too! She didn't seem convinced, but I think it's just because she has such great cousins!! I am so glad that the girls have cousins that are friends. It reminds me of a long time ago when Adam was little the way he described how good a friend someone was... " Well, they are not like cousin friends or anything..." We are very blessed to have wonderful cousins on all sides of our families!!!
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