Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Miss Ella

Ella has been wow'ing me with the things she says and does lately. I've been trying to keep track in my head so that I won't forget, but I'm sure I've already forgotten lots... the picture is her idea of finger painting. I left the back porch (where messy crafts are often done) for just a few minutes, and by the time I got back she was already painting her face.

About a week ago she brought me a book into the kitchen first thing in the morning and said, "Mommy, your letter is on this book. Here is an M for you." Now, we have talked about my letter being M, Daddy's is D, Sarah's is S, you get the picture, but we've never pointed the letters out in books. Instead we have been using the foam floor mats that we play on. I was so excited about the fact that she was taking what she learned and applying it to other areas that I asked one of our sweet volunteers Ms. Kit about it. I wondered out loud to her what I should be doing to encourage her reading skills. Ms. Kit said to not worry about reading and instead focus on math with our house full of girls. In all her years of teaching first grade she said it was very rare for a girl to not learn to read unless there were learning disabilities involved. So now we are trying to incorporate some numbers into our daily discussions as well. She'll be ready for preschool in no time!!

Aside from being very smart, Ella is also pretty manipulative. She knows what she wants and will do and say anything to get it. She came to me a couple of days ago and said, "Mommy, Baby Sah-wah and I weely want a cookie." I don't know why she thought she needed to include Sarah, who doesn't eat cookies yet, in the request.... unless she sees how the babies needs are constantly being met? I had to take away play-doh priveledges for a few days several days ago because she didn't want to help clean up. Last night after dinner she asked to play play-doh and I reminded her why we couldn't. She said, "I'll cwean up THIS time." I said no but maybe in another day or so, to which she replied, "How bout chalk then?"

She is a very pleasant child on the whole, and often melts my heart with the things she says. I asked her to check on Kate while I was in the babies room changing Maggie and Sarah the other day. Kate tends to get into things she shouldn't when left alone. Ella grinned over at me and said "It would be my pleasure." Now what mom wouldn't love that response out of a toddler?


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"it would be my pleasure"...that is adorable! I LOVE the picture, it's priceless!