Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Night Date...

Posted by Picasa date that is. E had a great offer to go to the park this evening with her good buddy Chase. She has walked around most all day with not a stitch of clothing on. However, the minute I asked if she would like to go with them she went straight to her room and got herself dressed. I took that as a YES! Minutes after that she was at my side asking every few seconds, "Is Chase here yet?". They apparently had a wonderful time. Theirs is a very interesting relationship so far. Chase is an older man (he'll be 6 soon), and because we lived far away for E's whole first year, he referred to her as Baby E for the longest time. Then because he is a preschooler and the babies were quarantined for RSV season, we didn't get to see much of them this past winter. Now they're finally getting to be friends in reality and not just imagination. It is so nice to see theirs beginning as the next in a very long line of friendships.... Pop and Chase's Pawpaw are best buddies, Chase's mom and I are best friends, and now we get to watch these guys grow up as friends. However, on the way home Chase was overheard politely asking E to "please stop calling me honey"! Too cute. I suppose her affections were just a little too much for him. We got this quick picture of them while they were eating their picnic supper.


Les Jacobs said...

Kids sure start dating young these days! ;)

Your triplets are precious, and so is E.


Amanda said...

Hurray, we made the blog. didn't have a chance to tell you about Chase lecturing Ella to never use the word "stupid" (not that she did to begin with, but it is a bad word in our house) and physically blocking the path between the cars so Ella didn't get into the parking lot. He has such incredible Big Brother potential. He gets tubes in ears on Wed., so depending on how he feels Thurs. we may set up another date. Maybe the movies this time.