Wednesday, June 6, 2007

All About S

Okay, so the grandmother's were beginning to fear that I was going to forget to dedicate a post to S. So here goes... S is definately the baby of the bunch. I know I've mentioned that before, but even though she is only the youngest by less than 1 minute, she still plays the part like a pro. It seems everyone babies S. M & K will usually cruise by and give her a quick kiss on the head in the mornings while she is still finishing her bottle. She is E's favorite baby too(this month anyway). When I first began trying to get the babies to sleep on their own, this child could cry for the entire length of time that I would let her... 15 minutes or 1.5 hours... did not matter. Turns out I was just a terrible mom and was keeping her up longer than her little body could handle. Once I started putting her down first and before she acted tired, she would simply roll over and go straight off to sleep. What a relief to finally figure that one out! During the trial and error of that whole process, however, she spent many an extra hour in my arms, thereby earning her the title of "baby" in my mind. She started out the heaviest at 5 lb 6 oz but quickly fell to last place in weight standing. She probably weighs about a pound less than M at this point. She's still only got one tooth, but she's working very, very hard on the next one. She is usually very content and plays well on her own. S is very stubborn; she will not eat something, not even try it a second time, if she doesn't like it on the first go around. She shakes her head no, no as the answer to almost every question ever posed. She is stubborn and willful as most family babies are, she was the first to say dadada and babbles all the time, and she is adored by everyone around here. We all just love her to pieces!!
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