Friday, May 11, 2007

Practice Runs

With Scott home for the last few days we've been practicing taking the girls out all by ourselves... well, sort of. I know that it sounds absurd for us, the parents, to be practicing such a thing, but they outnumber us two to one and three of the four can't walk yet. Wednesday we loaded them all up and went to the city park. E played and the babies strolled. It was pretty fun but far from easy. Everything takes longer for the obvious reasons and also because strangers tend to stop and ask about the babies. I usually end up feeling like a broken record when we go out in public.... yes they are triplets and here's the big sister, yep, all girls, yes our hands are full, we are definitely very blessed. Then last night we went to a Mexican restaurant with the whole crew. Ms. Kelli met us there after we were inside and Mimi and Pop got there about 30 minutes later. Just getting inside was crazy. Scott had to take two babies ahead while I helped E get unbuckled and out of the back all the while holding S and the huge diaper bag. Once inside we took all the high chairs they had and everyone was happy... E with a quesidilla and cheerios for the babies. They were all actually very good; I didn't mention yet that we arrived at the place at 4:50 pm so it wasn't exactly a busy time. There was only a very small crowd there, and no one stopped us to ask any questions for a change. We are having to do practice runs at dealing on our own for our first trip to Thomasville (which we hope will happen sometime soon).