Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One Brave Mommy

I actually let Scott get out of the water today long enough to take a picture of me and all the girls! It was very scary, and M wasn't the least bit happy about it (she's in the pink float). I think we are going to have four little water bugs by the middle of summer. E is doing great already, and she's only been in the water 3 times this season!! We have had a very relaxed day... not accomplished anything, but we weren't trying. Gotta love the occasional break like this.


Anna said...

I would say that a day at the pool with all 4 kiddies is accomplishing plenty! I hope Rylee and I can make it to play someday soon.

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you! What cute little mermaids!

Mandy J said...

Great job Mary Beth, those little fishies did great!